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The secret of breath

This meditation session is dedicated to our breathing as the foundation of harmony between body and mind. Breathing is an automatic and autogenic process in our body, which is why we usually take it for granted and pay very little attention to it. However, the way we breathe directly correlates to our mental state, our physical health and our inner experience of life. You can watch it yourself: if you are stressed or angry, your breathing becomes shallow and fast. Whereas, when you are happy and relaxed, it is relatively slow and deep. Hence, by changing how you breathe, you can change how you feel, almost instantly. In moments of anger or stress, if you consciously take a few deep breaths, anger or stress starts to loosen its grip on you!


In this session you will learn two basic breathing techniques: 1) Abdominal breathing, and 2) Prana activation. These techniques appear very simple but they can bring a significant change to our daily life and more importantly, they lay an essential foundation to advance ourselves in deeper meditative states.