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KALVA – AI powered mental health management

KALVA - AI powered Mental Health Management

 Kalva is an AI powered Mental Health Digital Platform supporting mental health journey by measuring, tracking and providing therapy solutions.

  • Kalva AI Engine: Consolidates multiple data streams including personal and professional data – text, audio, video and analytics from outlook, zoom/MS teams calls, wearables, other e-health apps to determine early signs of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, OCD etc.
  • Kalva Assistant: Provides a) regular reports e.g. weekly/bi-weekly to the user about their mental health score levels, their community b) suggests personalized preventive selfcare and intervention options via Kalva Mental Health Services Ecosystem c) notification bot with real-time insights and prompts for self-care/intervention
  • Kalva Mental Health Services Ecosystem: Offers a) tele-health services with trained professionals for intervention – coaching, counselling, psychotherapy and behavioral therapies b) various online programs for preventive selfcare and therapy.
  • Kalva Web & Mobile apps: Personalized dashboard for users, user community manager/owner e.g. Corporates to view their mental health score levels, access self-care/intervention via Kalva Mental Health Services Ecosystem
$ 1-2 Mio.